Here's what some our past clients have said about our J.J Elking restorations.

  Having known Judd for almost 20-years, I can say that he is certainly one of the better and most competent, knowledgeable gunsmiths I've ever had work on my antique weapons. I'd feel comfortable having him repair even my most expensive items.
Tom Burness

  Just wanted to take this opportunity to tell ya that I appreciate all your hard work and expertise! I've brought you a countless number of weapons for repair, opinions on restorations and have had to chance to observe your work first hand! I can only say that I not only appreciate your workmanship but your friendship as well. The work you've done has been excellent!
I can only say...I will always keep recommending you, not only as a professional in the field of antique firearms, but as a good friend!
Take Care Partner....

  The restoration, repair and maintenance done on antique arms as well as modern western reproductions is of a quality you will appreciate. Cowboys! Your single actions will function much smoother, your lever actions and shotguns as well. Guns can be made to look more period or antiqued. Projects are a speciality. All finished work will be beyond any expectation. Best of all Jud Elking is timely, no, he is fast. His prices are modest, especially when you consider the added value of his work. Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding Mr. Elking's artistry in metal and wood.
Gary Benschoter

To potential Judd Elkin's clients
  Judd Elkins has worked on several rifles for me over that past 3years. In every case, without exception, his work was flawless and exceeded my expectations. Not only was the workmanship first class but the task was completed in a timely manner. I have learned much from Judd.   His fees are very reasonable. His knowledge of the rifles extraordinary. I have sold 2 of the rifles that Judd worked on and I can state that the value Judd created paid for his fee by a factor of 3. He is a first class guy and I wouldn't hesitate to send him my most expensive piece.
Doug Baldwin